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P.B.U. Canada

Our mission as the Philippine Basketball Union is to provide a safe and competitive basketball
environment by hosting tournaments and leagues across Canada.  Based out of Ontario, majority of our events will be held here.  We do have future plans to host some events across Canada in Vancouver, Montreal and Nova Scotia.


PBU Canada - Tournament & League Format

With all our events, every game will be video recorded and can be found on our YouTube Channel: BALL905.
Player and Coach's statistics will also be recorded and saved for every event so that you can track your career stats, event after event, year after year.  You'll be able to see your career statistics and progression as you grow with PBU Canada.

2021 MPAA

ROUND ROBIN GAMES (for some divisions):  Saturday, October 2, Oshawa, Ontario, The PLAYGROUND
ROUND ROBIN GAMES (for some divisions):  Saturday, October 9, Oshawa, Ontario, The PLAYGROUND
PLAYOFF GAMES (all divisions)
:  Sunday, October 10, Oshawa, Ontario, The PLAYGROUND

CONSOLATION GAMES (all divisions):  Sunday, October 10, Oshawa, Ontario, The PLAYGROUND


CHAMPIONSHIP PRIZE:  1 Champ Trophy per team, Championship hat & medal for every player


PLAYER REGISTRATION FEE:  $75 per player, includes 3x games guaranteed, a player profile with PBU Canada, career stats tracking and full video game footage on our YouTube channel.


- 2x 20 minute halves, RUN TIME
- last 2 minutes of the game will be STOP TIME if the score is within 15 points
- if the difference of the score becomes 16 or greater during the last 2 minutes, the game clock will turn back to run time until the difference of the score becomes 15 or less

- 3x Time Outs for the whole game, time outs will stop the game clock

- OVERTIME will be 1 minute STOP TIME (any over time periods)

FULL COURT PRESS allowed any time of the game, unless the difference of the score is 20 points and greater

- PLAYER SUBSTITUTIONS are managed by every clubs head coach, we encourage all coaches to give every player playing time but it is not mandatory


If there is a tie in the standings after the round robin games, POINTS DIFFERENCE will determine the tie break.  The totals of all round robin games will be accumulated to determine the tie break. Points For - Points Against = Points Difference.


- game scheduling will be close together and might even be back to back to avoid as many people being inside the facility

- every player and head coach will be allowed 2x guests

- all coaches and guests will be required to wear a wrist band during the event

- upon arrival, a temperature check will be conducted and wrist bands will be given out

- players and coaches will be responsible in distributing their allotted wrist bands

- each registered player will receive 2x wrist bands (players do not have to wear wrist bands)

- each registered head coach will receive 3x wrist bands (1 wrist band is to be worn by the head coach)
- team managers will not receive a wrist band, please coordinate with the players and coaches accordingly

(ethnicity & age)

Majority of our events will be ALL FILIPINO unless stated otherwise.  All players should be full or part Filipino or be Philippine citizen.  Birth certificate, passports or any other valid government 

identification should be readily accessible during our events.  The challenger must pay $20 (for every challenged player) for an investigation to be held regarding ethnicity and/or age.  If the challenged player is determined ineligible due to ethnicity or age, any game that player has played in will be deemed a disqualification. ($20 Challenge Fee is non-refundable)


Once your team manager and/or coach submits their team roster, a player profile will be created for every player.
Once the profile is created, the player can pay online their $75 registration fee for the 2021 MPAA Turkey Ball tournament.  A date will be arranged with your team manager/coach for one of our PBU Canada 
representatives to come and take a profile picture to complete the PBU Canada profile.


YES, players can play on multiple teams and multiple divisions.  Just as long the player knows they are responsible for the player fee for each team.  As well the player must start and finish a game with the same team.  They are not permitted to start a game with one team and leave half way through to play for another team.  

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